20.8.2017 litter planning online.. have a look at the puppy-page
august 2017 we are waiting for Spice to get in season.
march 2017 unfortunately Spice did not carry any puppies due tu illness of the studdog. we will give it anther try in autumn 2017
1.12.2014 all Spooneys found a loving home
24th november Mickey ist still looking for a lovely family
1st november 2014

4 week FOTOS and our litter diary of the puppies can be found HERE

2nd october 2014 Our "Spooneys" were born today. more infos can be found at the puppy page
3 august 2014
D-JCH FELICITOUS CLOONEY & CH TRIMERE TOUCH OF SPICE Ö-JCH will have puppies beginning of october 2014

We were mating..... Spice and Clooney loved each other at first sight. It was a quick mating and I am quite sure that this was a "visit with concequences" ! More news about the future litter can be found on the puppy page.

27 july 2014 .....Ooups..... SPICE started her season 3 weeks earlier.....
11.4.2014 SORRY - for all those who were waiting for news that Spice has been mated. Because of several  reasons, I had to change my puppy plans.

SPICE will now definitively be mated in August 2014 - puppies due  to go to their new homes december 2014.

The list for reservations is still open, so please get in contact via email or phone !


27.12.2013 The future Daddy of our puppies for our planned litter in spring 2014 will be  JCH Felicitous Clooney . Further Infos can be found  here on our litter page
6.11.2013 Our second Springer Spaniel litter is planned for spring 2014
10-2013 GANWALES ROSALIE PRINCESS BUXUSSON  wins in  Dortmund Junior class and qualifies  for  CRUFTS 2014 !
SPICE ist Champion !!


Bundessiegerausstellung Tulln
Spice wins Open Class and so gains her title ! She is now AUSTRIAN CHAMPION

Ganwales Romance Summer Buxusson "Emmy" wins at our Clubshow  the Junior Class and gets her first Ticket !

26.12.2012 All puppies are now living with their new families
15.11.2012 fotos 3rd week online, names online - CLICK HERE
7.11.2012 new puppy fotos online ! There are still some pupps available, please contact me via email or telefone
26.10.2012 We have puppies !!!! Have a look at the litter page
25.9.2012 we had Spice ultrasounded and she is carrying puppies, the vet said: very pregnant, be prepared for lots of puppies :))
26.8.2012 After a long waiting finally Spice started her season and End of August we drove up to Prag and had a really quick and good mating.

This will be my 18th litter in my kennel "Ganwales", but my FIRST English Springer Spaniel litter. I am thrilled with this new situation and am looking forward to some exciting weeks..

This upcoming litter will be the "Rainbow-litter", you wonder why ? Well here is the explanation:

The whole day we had lovely sunny weather, as we were in no hurry we first had a great meal served from Martina and Mirek to settle in. Then, late afternoon, we desided to do the mating. As Jack is really quick in these things, we knew, it wont take too long. He saw his bride, sniffed at her, she showed him "I'm willing" and on he went. At that second the sky got dark and it started to pour like hell. The dogs tied and we sat under a small tree trying not to get too wet. I felt the drops everywhere and along my back a river was flowing towards the ground


....luckily Mirek appeared after some wet minutes with a huge umbrella, their umbrella for the patio ! It poured and poured and seemed not wanting to stop, even the dogs began to feel uncomfortable. Then....after 30 minutes they started to wiggle around, wanted to seperate...Suddenly the rain stopped, just like it had begun and on the sky a huge DOUBLE RAINBOW appeared ! We got the camera and while posing the dogs seperated...we didn't even realize it.

  That rainbow was terrific, really amazing in all its colours.

So, this will be the theme for my litter. I will have the letter R this time, as it is my 18th litter, so the puppies will get their names related to "Rainbow"

A double rainbow....isn't this good luck for the litter ?


BOB at show
We were at the show: Int.Show in Wieselburg (Austria) under judge Pavel Sucek - Spice won her class, went to be best bitch and finished off as BEST OF BREED ! What a day !
Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
We are planning a very promising litter in summer 2012.
ÖJCH Idol Jack od Stroupinského potoka & ÖJCH Trimere Touch of Spice
Mating expected for august 2012, puppies due to go to new homes around december 2012. Enquiries welcome via mail or phone, contact infos can be found on the puppy/litter page.
April 2012
 ... finally, I made it. My english Version is online. Enjoy it and





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